Historical MDI Mansions For Sale

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BAR HARBOR, MAINE (WABI) Some well-known mansions on Mount Desert Island are now on the real estate market.

The late David Rockefeller’s Seal Harbor estate, listed for $19 million, is now under contract.

Joy Hollowell shows us two more prominent pieces of property up for sale.

“There is go much history with the properties that are on the market right now,” says Kim Swan of The Swan Agency, Sotheby’s International Realty.

Perhaps the most highly visible is the La Rochelle mansion in downtown Bar Harbor.

“everybody knows it, everybody’s walked by it,” says Swan.

The 13,000 square foot brick house has been the headquarters of the Maine Sea Coast Mission since 1972. It was a gift from Tristam Colket, Junior, heir to the Campbell Soup Company.

“We came to the decision to sell this,” says Stacey Smith, Chairman of the Maine Sea Coast Mission Board of Directors. “It was an emotional decision for the board, for the staff and certainly for the Colket family. But when we explained to them what we wanted to do, where we wanted to put that money, they just said, of course.”

Swan is the real estate broker for Maine Sea Coast Mission.

“The family that built this home, there were 6 people in the family, but they brought 21 servants with them,” says Swan, referring to the numerous bedrooms in the home. It is listed at a little more than $6 million. Swan says several families have already expressed interest.

“To be able to be right in the heart of town, on three acres, on the ocean, 500 feet of oceanfront, is unparalleled,” she says.

Just east of Bar Harbor sits East of Eden.

“Of course, Bar Harbor was Eden way back,” explains Debbie Dyer, curator of the Bar Harbor Historical Society. “Bar Harbor’s name wasn’t changed until 1918.”

East of Eden was built back in the early 1900s by architect Guy Lowell out of Boston. Back then, it was owned by Walter Ladd who named the place- Eegonos.

“For the name of the cottage which was next door to it, Sonogee,” says Dyer. “Eegonos is Sonogee backwards.”

For the last decade, William Ruger, Junior, of the Sturm, Ruger and Company firearms manufacturer, has restored the 15,000 square foot palace.

“He’s done it all right from the ground up,” says Susan-Ferrante-Collier with the Knowles Company real estate. “He tried to do everything as original as possible.”

Now that the project is complete, Ruger is selling his labor of love for a lofty price tag of $15 million. That includes an 8-car garage, 14 working fire places, 9 acres of waterfront property, and a rich history.

“So yeah, it’s a really special place,” says Ferrante-Collier.
The Maine Sea Coast Mission is in the process of figuring out where its new headquarters will be.

For more information on the La Rochelle mansion, you can log onto https://www.swanagency.com/listings/our-listings/

For more information on East of Eden, you can log onto https://www.knowlesco.com/property/east-of-eden-1319508

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