Simple mistake? Walmart thinks Hilton Head’s Harbour Town is actually in Maine

Posted by on Jan 5, 2018 in Local News | Comments Off on Simple mistake? Walmart thinks Hilton Head’s Harbour Town is actually in Maine

What do Hilton Head Island, S.C., and Bar Harbor, Maine, have in common? Harbour Town, according to Walmart.

A large photo of Hilton Head’s famous tourist attraction, Harbour Town, is on display as decoration in a Walmart store in Ellsworth, Maine. Except there’s something unmistakably off about the iconic image.

At the top of the photo, in big bold letters, it reads: “Bar Harbor, ME.”

So, does Harbour Town have a dopplegänger in Maine? The short answer is no, definitely not.

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Bar Harbor is a town of a little more than 5,000 people on Mount Desert Island, Maine. The island is home to Acadia National Park and to Bass Harbor Head Light, a lighthouse that was built in 1858.

The lighthouse is miles away from the Bar Harbor’s marina; it sits high atop a rugged granite shoreline; and surprise, surprise, it looks nothing like Hilton Head’s Harbour Town lighthouse.

A local reporter, Bill Trotter, tweeted at Walmart about the big, glaring mistake on Tuesday while visiting the Ellsworth, Maine, store, which is about 30 minutes from Bar Harbor, Maine.

When asked about the photo, a Walmart spokesperson confirmed the Hilton Head photo was on display in the Ellsworth, Maine, store and that “it will be replaced with a different photo.”

Hopefully, this time, it’s an actual photo of Bar Harbor, Maine.

How did the mix up happen in the first place? Walmart didn’t answer that question. But here’s to hoping tourists don’t show up in Bar Harbor looking for a backdrop of Harbour Town.

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